Friday, January 17, 2014

Sexy "S" Side Tables

Hinckley Library has lots of comfortable, innovative furniture scattered throughout the building. Some of it gets a lot of use. Other items seem to mystify users. We have created a short, image tutorial on various uses for our "S" side tables. Currently, the "S" tables get pushed aside and most people assume they are just traditional end tables. But, no! These lightweight, mobile tables have lots of uses.
These tables work well for use with laptops and various stuffed animals. Cat in the Hat finds them quite useful for working on ENGL 1010 assignments.
"S" tables also can be used to rest weary feet while reading. Because they are lightweight, one can move them anywhere in the building. So, feel free to use them as footstools. You can even share with a friend!
What are your favorite uses for these tables? We would like to hear from you.

Monday, July 8, 2013

National Parks--our natural & cultural heritage

Our current library exhibit is on National Parks. Can you answer these trivia questions?
  • Where was the first U.S. federal reserve created in 1832?
  • Yosemite (1864) was created eight years before Yellowstone (1872), so why is Yellowstone considered the first National Park?
  • Which of the 50 states DOES NOT have a national park?
So, do you have a favorite national park? Will you be visiting one this summer?