Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey, let's get some goldfish.  No, Piranhas!  How about some pretty fish?  

The library has a water feature and people have expressed an interest in putting real fish in the pool.  While the librarians like fish, there are some reasons that the water feature can't house live fish.  First, the water is chlorinated and will kill them.  Second, there is no temperature control. Sometimes the water is rather warm, and sometimes it’s rather chilly. Most ornamental types of fish can’t handle the temperature swings.   Also, there’s no filter in the system, so things could get quite messy. The water is drained and the pool cleaned once per year.  Finally, some people like to throw things at fish.  So, we don’t have fish in the library water feature.

The water feature, with its fountains, was put in the entryway to the library for aesthetic purposes, but also to provide white noise so the library seems to be a quieter place. The librarians have “decorated” the pools with cobbles for the bottom, artificial floating fish (many of which have broken over the years, and we’re having a difficult time finding replacements), rosin turtles, and artificial lotuses.  There is even a rubber duckie who calls the water feature home.

The librarians want patrons to enjoy the pool.  Most simply look at the decorations and the fountains, but others have chosen to get more involved. Two students once turned the water feature into a fishing pond.  They brought lawn chairs and fishing poles and set up shop for a bit.  Alas, they left with no fish.
Children enjoy looking at the artificial fish, turtles, and lotus flowers when they come to the library.  Parents need to be aware that the water is approximately 2 feet deep, so you need to watch your children carefully.

Also, since the tank is only drained and cleaned once per year, any accidental swimmers should be sure to wash off carefully.

Feel free to come to the library and enjoy our water feature, just don’t get mad when we don’t want to get live residents.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sexy "S" Side Tables

Hinckley Library has lots of comfortable, innovative furniture scattered throughout the building. Some of it gets a lot of use. Other items seem to mystify users. We have created a short, image tutorial on various uses for our "S" side tables. Currently, the "S" tables get pushed aside and most people assume they are just traditional end tables. But, no! These lightweight, mobile tables have lots of uses.
These tables work well for use with laptops and various stuffed animals. Cat in the Hat finds them quite useful for working on ENGL 1010 assignments.
"S" tables also can be used to rest weary feet while reading. Because they are lightweight, one can move them anywhere in the building. So, feel free to use them as footstools. You can even share with a friend!
What are your favorite uses for these tables? We would like to hear from you.

Monday, July 8, 2013

National Parks--our natural & cultural heritage

Our current library exhibit is on National Parks. Can you answer these trivia questions?
  • Where was the first U.S. federal reserve created in 1832?
  • Yosemite (1864) was created eight years before Yellowstone (1872), so why is Yellowstone considered the first National Park?
  • Which of the 50 states DOES NOT have a national park?
So, do you have a favorite national park? Will you be visiting one this summer?